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    Deputy production manager

    As a deputy production manager at EURODUR®, you and your team will produce a wide variety of assemblies and designs. Together with production management, you will take responsibility for, among other things, for organizing the workflow, instructing your team and procuring technical work equipment.


    Thanks to your professional experience (at least 3 years) in the field of metal construction (or comparable), you work independently, team-oriented and reliably. Good IT knowledge is just as obvious to them as knowledge of joining or hard cladding welding.

    Metalworker | specialising in construction technology

    As a metalworker at EURODUR®, you will not only work on innovative components, systems and unique products in a team, but also contribute to more resource-efficient work in a wide range of industrial sectors. You will coat and finish systems, components and structures using gas metal arc welding (GMAW 135) and bring the skills acquired from a completed vocational training in metal construction.


    Manual dexterity, technical understanding and the ability to read technical drawings are just as important to you as the ability to work in a team and human kindness. As a metalworker at EURODUR®, you will benefit from an interesting, varied job with great colleagues and a working environment that offers you true prospects for the future.

    Metal technology expert | specialising in forming technology

    As a metal technology specialist in the field of forming technology, you will give our components and structures the right shape and provide the finishing touches, so to speak. You will not only operate roll bending machines but also straightening presses and apart from technical understanding, you must also have the ability to work in a team and be enthusiastic about innovative components and large systems.

    Professional experience in the field of forming technology would be desirable, but is not essential. Reading technical drawings and a certain technical understanding is just as natural for you as having manual dexterity and enjoying working with metal.

    Driver | driving licence category C1E, with modules (part-time)

    As a driver, you will deliver finished components to our customers within a radius of approx. 200 km. You are punctual, reliable and enjoy travelling on the road. You must be a holder of a category C1E driving licence with modules for this varied job which involves responsibility for your own actions. 

    Technical field sales representative

    As a technical sales representative, you will strengthen our sales team and be the direct contact person for our customers in the postcode areas 01000 - 19999, 38000 - 39999 and 99000 - 99999. You have sales experience, an understanding of technical products (in mechanical and plant engineering) and are ideally a master craftsperson, technician or engineer in a metalworking profession. 


    If you enjoy working independently, are enthusiastic about high-quality technical solutions and want to offer your customers real added value with our products, EURODUR® is the right place for you. Together with your sales colleagues, you will be the key interface between customers, production and management. All in all, it's an exciting job with a lot of personal responsibility, top pay and real variety. Occasional overnight stays in the sales area and a certain willingness to travel are necessary for this position, but make the job as a technical sales representative all the more exciting.

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