EURODUR® Surface Care

    Perfectly matched wear protection for your systems and components

    With high-end wear protection from EURODUR®, your systems will not only work more resource-efficiently, efficiently and sustainably in the future, but will also be many times more productive! Our unique EURODUR® Surface Care coatings significantly increase the service life of your systems and minimise downtime caused by unnecessary wear. Our services include the coating of individual components, which we produce by deposition welding, as well as the development of entire assemblies – from planning through to assembly.

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    Flexible. Individual. Precise.

    We’ll gladly plan and manufacture customised components according to your very specific wishes and requirements and find convincing solutions for you.

    Ess-Dur Wear Pipes

    Wear-resistant pipe systems for complex conveying tasks

    ESS-DUR Wear Pipes offer reliability and durability and are incomparable with other products on the market. Thanks to a patented production process, we achieve degrees of hardness at the end of the Rockwell scale, thereby achieving the highest possible wear-resistance. This makes the ESS-DUR Wear Pipes the ideal product when it comes to conveying abrasive materials under pressure – whether hydraulically or pneumatically.

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    Find out about our various EURODUR® compounds and get precise information on hardness, heat resistance or processes.


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